Cathy Shippee's Language Arts @ Nisqually Middle School - 2013/2014

This is a personal web site that I am experimenting with.  In the picture at the right is former Nisqually Middle School science teacher Lorena Goss, River Ridge High School's Mascot, and Cathy Shippee.

If you are after current information for this school year, please see the school web site at URI:

I will update my Web site on a regular basis to provide both students and families information on what is happening in Language Arts. This will include weekly goals, assignments that can be printed out, important dates and any additional information that will help students become successful at school.

The first three days of school students will be learning the classroom procedures and expectations for Language Arts. We also will be taking time to get acquainted with other students and me!

Below is the list of required supplies for this class. Please make sure students have all supplies needed by the first day of class.

Cathy Shippee on right

Required Supplies for Language Arts:

  • Three-ring 1" binder
  • 5- tab insertable dividers
  • Loose leaf paper (Please NO spiral notebooks)
  • Ruler
  • Daily Planner
  • Kleenex tissue (to leave in advisory room)
  • #2 pencils
  • Blue and black ink pens (no other colors)
  • One ream of Xerox paper (to leave in advisory room)
  • Color pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Post-it notes
  • Pink, green, yellow highlighters
Cathy Shippee, Teacher
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My e-mail address is: Also send me your e-mail address as soon as possible. I use these addresses to send out weekly updates and information to keep both you and your student informed.


Cathy Shippee

National Board Teachers: The North Thurston Public School's Board of Directors recognized North Thurston's 2008 class of National Board Certified teachers. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards improves teaching and student learning. National Board Certified Teachers are highly accomplished educators who meet high and rigorous standards. The teachers include: Shara Olson (HZP, Middle Childhood Generalist); Matthew Vandewark (THS , High School Chemistry), Courtney Crawford (CMS, Language Arts); Kelly Boyer (THS, Career & Technical Education) ; Alisa Whisnant (CMS, Early Adolescent Math); Cathy Shippee (NMS, Early Adolescent Language Arts); Michah Mcbride (CMS, P.E.); Gary Larson (RRHS, AYA Science/Chemistry). Now with approximately 91 National Board Certified teachers , North Thurston Public Schools continues to be a top leader among districts across the state who employ the highest number of NBCT staff. Cathy Shippee - National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification


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